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Podcast with Belinda Granger

Photo: David Sun

Podcast about nutrition in triathlon

In this podcast Coffee with Belinda we talk about weird and wonderful nutrition habits of athletes and how these are not always grounded in science. We talk about what we do know and how to fuel well for an event. When Belinda asked me to do this podcast I was excited. The coffee with Belinda was virtual but it was still great to talk to her again. The last time we met was probably many years ago in Hawaii. I was racing age group in Ironman Hawaii and Belinda was one of the main gun in the women's pro field.

We both shared a place at a panel answering questions by athletes about race preparation, nutrition and the course in Kona. In the podcast we continue these discussions. Many of the questions that athletes have are still the same and many are still looking for answers. The reason that things are not clear is not that the scientific information changes all the time, it is mostly because there are so many different views and opinions that are not evidence based but get shared with a lot of passion and enthusiasm.

It was great fun doing this podcast and I hope you will enjoy it too and perhaps find some of the answers you were looking for.

Check the podcast here:


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