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Sport Science Consulting Services


Athletes and individuals

Whether you are an elite athlete wanting to break a world record or a weekend warrior trying to complete a race, I can help putting together a bullet proof nutrition plan for your competition and/or training. If you want more, I can help to put a performance management system in place that addresses most aspects of your performance and brings in various other disciplines (biomechanics, psychology) in addition to physiology and nutrition. We can work together to optimize important areas such as recovery, monitoring, and prevention of overtraining. 


  • Personalized nutrition planning using measurements

  • Performance management

  • Optimizing recovery

  • Preventing overtraining

  • Safe supplementation

  • Weight management and body composition

Sports team and organisations

Are you looking for world class sport science support for your team or organization? Do you want to know if your current organization is optimized for performance and recovery? Want to find out where to find the small gains that can make the difference? I can advise optimizing your organization as well helping support staff to be more effective. I can help to implement an evidence based approach within your organization that will deliver results. After an initial needs assessment we would build a plan that fits the needs as well as the budget.


  • Personalized nutrition plans for individuals or teams

  • A structured recovery for your team, players or athletes

  • Creating engaging education for athletes

  • Prioritizing of sport science applications based on budget and requirements

  • Realistic goal setting

  • Safe supplementation

  • Monitoring systems

  • Prevention of overtraining (and injury)

  • Weight management and body composition

  • Evaluation of existing support structures

  • Education and continued education for support staff

  • A solid implementation plan to optimize performance and get the most out of support staff