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Can you help CORE nutrition planning with software development?

If you have Ruby on Rails & JavaScript/React experience and want to help us develop CORE nutrition planning, please get in touch.

At CORE Nutrition Planning, we're passionate about helping endurance athletes achieve their potential through evidence-based nutrition.  We're now embarking on development of some exciting new features for CORE, and we are looking for like-minded developers who are also passionate about endurance sports and nutrition. 


If you are a developer, if you're passionate about endurance sports and nutrition, if you have deep experience with Ruby on Rails and/or JavaScript/React and if you would like to explore working with CORE Nutrition Planning to change the world of endurance sports nutrition, please reach out to us at  Please include an indication of interest along with your resume/CV, GitHub profile and LinkedIn profile.  Be sure to also tell us about your endurance sports passions.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Asker Jeukendrup and Bill Braun 

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Vacancies at the Red Bull APC

APC LA.png

At the Red Bull Athlete Performance Center (APC) a team of practitioners looks after Red Bull athletes. There are 2 amazing facilities in Thalgau Austria (near Salzburg) and Santa Monica (California, US).

Expansion of these centres is imminent and there are a number of positions available at present or will become available in the not too distance future. 


Here are the links to existing positions (in physiotherapy and strength and conditioning) and if you are interested in positions in the not too distant future (physiotherapy, biomechanics and nutrition) I recommend that you send me an email wit a motivation and CV (I will forward your contact details so the recruitment team can get in touch when the positions become available).


Physiotherapist at the APC

Head Strength and Conditioning at the APC 

Inform me about future positions

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