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Get your free race nutrition plan now!

Many athletes contacted me about nutrition plan for races or training. I always asked them a number of questions and based on the answers I was able to give them a nutrition plan one at a time. In 2016 we started to build software that automated this process. The questions are similar, the underlying science is the same and complex algorithms now turn all these input into a highly sophisticated personalised nutrition plan. And the results are there. Thousands of athletes have used it and the feedback has been amazing. Not a single plan has yet been returned that wasn't successful. 

Check out the software and try it for free!

Create your personal nutrition plan in just a few easy steps:


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Sport Nutrition 

Sport nutrition is our best selling textbook that is in its 3rd edition. It weights in just under 2 kg so it is a lot of pages for your money. It is aimed mostly at students who study sports nutrition or sports science and discusses the evidence behind all the advice we give and the guidelines are published. The book also goes back to explain the underlying physiology, biochemistry and nutrition principles.  By no means light reading, but a very comprehensive overview of the sports nutrition literature. Available in English, Spanish and more languages are on their way. 

Nutrition Deportiva (Spanish version)

The Sport Nutrition book has been translated into Spanish and can be purchased directly from the publisher in Spain or through Amazon.  

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