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Great for lectures or to print as posters. 45 Infographics on a variety of topics. All high resolution (600dpi), no watermark.



Protein intake recommendations

How much protein?

How much protein? With large muscle mass

Ketogenic diets: performance facts

mTORC1 signalling pathway

Training adaptation

Glycogen synthesis after exercise: effect of timing

Glycogen synthesis after exercise: effect of carbohydrate amount

Connections between Microbiota - Gut - Brain

Protein content of milk and milk-like beverages 

Protein and sugar and kcal in milk and milk-like beverages 

Little or no protein in most milk like drinks 

HCLF diet compared with High Carb and Periodised Nutrition

Supplement decision chart 

Energy intake in EPL players

Carbohydrate intake in EPL players

Americans have been consuming more of all of the major food groups

Maximising speed versus preventing injury

How to use gelatin to promote collagen synthesis

Adaptive signals turn off very quickly for ECM in contrast to muscle

Nutritional training methods

Periodized nutrition

Training the gut

How intestinal absorption adapts to diet and the implications

Can caffeine increase carbohydrate absorption and oxidation during exercise?

The same coffee from the same outlet on different days can have very different caffeine content

Dispelling the myth that caffeine withdrawal before a race improves the effects of caffeine

What you need to measure sweat rate

How to calculate sweat rate

Why performance in the heat is impaired

Athletes sleep less and sleep quality may be lower

Ironman Hawaii 2009

Sweat rate at different running speeds

Factors that influence the effect of caffeine on performance

Caffeine recommendations dependent on genetics

Drinks, or gels or bars?

Drinks or gels?

Drinks or energy bars?


FODMAP advice

Low FODMAP alternatives

Alternatives for high FODMAP foods

BCAA claims

Protein synthesis and breakdown

The most common issues or runners

Infographics (45) 2020 A

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