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As an engaging thought-provoking, motivational and entertaining speaker, Asker has experience in front of professional, scientific and athlete audiences and customizes his talks to your particular needs and interests.

Never stop learning and learn from the best

Elite athletes surround themselves with excellence to optimize their performance. Can we learn from the best athletes in the world and use their practices in our business? Professor Asker Jeukendrup has worked with World and Olympic Champions. He also worked in business and will talk about how we can learn from elite athletes to optimize business performance.


Exercise, nutrition, let’s clear up some of the confusion

A lot has been said about exercise and nutrition, how to optimize nutrition for health and performance. A lot of the information seems contradicting, confusing and in many cases information is misleading or plain wrong. Let’s go back to basics and evidence, and clear up some of the confusion.


Which diet is best for you?

It appears that there are many different opinions on this topic. Who is right and who is wrong? There may be a simple answer to this very complicated question…


The evidence based approach

An evidence based approach can improve performance in business, sport and any other discipline. Why do we need an evidence based approach to performance and how does it work? An entertaining talk with examples from the world of elite sport.


Fat burning

Fat burning is talked about a lot. It is a major conversation in gyms, but even people who never go close to a gym have conversations about fat burning. Let’s separate opinion from evidence and discuss how important fat burning is, why it is important and what we can do to improve it.  

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  • Fat burning

  • Fat burners

  • Train low compete high 

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  • Does overtraining exist?

  • Managing recovery with nutrition

  • Science versus pseudoscience

  • The marathon: how to prepare nutritionally

  • Regulation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism

  • Pre-exercise meals: sense and non-sense

  • Supplements

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