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As an engaging thought-provoking, motivational and entertaining speaker, Asker has experience in front of professional, scientific and athlete audiences and customizes his talks to your particular needs and interests.

Recent popular topics:

Popular topics I am asked to speak about:


  • The landscape of sport science and nutrition information

  • Navigation the landscape of sport science and nutrition information

  • Performance in your company, is like performance in elite sport 

  • Why marginals gains are big

  • Fat burning

  • Fat burners

  • Train low compete high 

  • Sports Nutrition insights

  • The future of Sports Nutrition

  • Recommendations for athletes

  • Training or overtraining? 

  • Does overtraining exist?

  • Managing recovery with nutrition

  • Science versus pseudoscience

  • The marathon: how to prepare nutritionally

  • Regulation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism

  • Pre-exercise meals: sense and non-sense

  • Supplements

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