A sports nutrition conference for everyone around the world

WE will bring the world together from West to East. This is the aim of this first truly global online sports nutrition conference. A stud-stunned line-up of speakers and low access fees are the tools to bring the World together in this sports nutrition conference on 13 and 14 June 2020.

“On 13 and 14 June, WE will bring world class speakers to your home

Why WE?

There is an increasing interest in sports nutrition and it is the topic off a lot of discussion. This discussion is partly factual and evidence-based but there is also a very large amount of information out there, that is not evidence-based. There are few true science conferences where the information is all evidence based, presented by the researchers themselves and where these researchers also have a direct connection with the athletes the information is intended for. For the vast majority of people this often means traveling and the costs ion this for many are prohibitively expensive. And we haven't even spoken about the conference fees, accommodation and so on. Therefore BF Eventos (Brazil) and mysportscience (UK) have joined forced to bring you world class sports nutrition science to your doorstep! WE will do everything to give you a similar or better experience, where you can learn from the best in the world. No travel, no expensive hotels and low registration fees will make this conference accessible for everyone around the world.

What is WE?

WE is essentially an online conference. You make sure you are logged in at the start of the lecture and you will be able to hear world leaders in the field of sports nutrition speak and you can ask questions through a chat. The conference will be in English but there will be simultaneous translation into Spanish and Portuguese. The presenters will use Powerpoint presentations. The goals is to discuss the science in understandable language and to discuss the practical implications and applications as well.

In summary we will have:

  • 11 world class speakers from all over the world

  • Superhot topics: from low carb to dietary nitrates, to race feeling, muscle building, periodising training and nutrition and more. Click here for the complete program.

  • Opportunity to ask questions and discuss

  • 3 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese) - simultaneous translation

  • Attend live AND get access for 10 days after the event

  • Free conference e-book

For the first registrants there is some bonus content! Check it out on the conference web site. www.wenutritionconference.com

What can you expect?

As already mentioned the speakers are world class, not just their research experience is outstanding but they also have a real link with athletes and coaches in the field and thus know the importance of the translation form complex academic discussions to practical real-life solutions.

We will kick off on the 13th of June at 9AM East Coast Time (New York) with Professor