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Sport scientists on twitter June 2016

It has been a while since the last update in January but here is a list of approximately 100 sport scientists on twitter, scientists from different disciplines (psychology and biomechanics are still a little underrepresented).

A more complete list can be downloaded as a pdf here:

Pdf download of sports scientists win twitter

There are a few notable changes. Michael Joyner has been a lot more active on twitter and has shared some fantastic insights. As result his following has grown substantially. Other very active scientists in the last few months, who have also significantly increased their following include Yann Le Muer, David Bishop, Lorena Torres and Nanci Guest.

Below is a list of female scientists reporting on sports science issues. If the list is incomplete, please send me the names of those that need to be included. Criteria are:

1. Must be actively publishing (peer reviewed) in areas relevant to exercise and sports

2. Must convey (predominantly) evidence based messages and vast majority must be sport science related

3. Must have a minimum of 500 followers

If you want to be included in this list please email detail to for consideration

Female sports scientists on twitter June 2016


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