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Mastermind - Round 2

Do you want total your sports nutrition business to the next level? Do you want to Continue to learn? Do you want to know more about the science but also learn about practical application and especially implementation in sport? Mastermind may just be the program you are looking for. Dr Asker Jeukendrup will share his experience working in the sports nutrition field with you over a 7 week period.

Asker Jeukendrup and his mastermind program

We started the program in 2021 and it was very successful (Below you can read some of the testimonials from participants). After introductions in the first weeks, we had 6 weeks to discuss the most important topics in sports nutrition in a lot of detail.

There are a number of different sessions each week

The main mastermind session

The main session is a 2h deep immersion with Asker Jeukendrup. Discussions may have a theme but often discussions in the group and questions will guide the direction. You can ask everything you always wanted to ask.

There will be discussions around

1. The importance on science and working evidence based.

2. The scientific background to recommendations

3. The translation to practice

4. How to successfully implement a nutrition strategy

5. How to grow and build your nutrition business

Lectures and updates

There are also several lectures a weeks. These are summaries of the science, updates and discussions of the latest research. But the main goal is to make sure everyone is up to speed with the latest. The majority of these lectures will be delivered as a video lecture so you can select the best time for you to watch the lecture, replay sections and take notes. There are always opportunities to ask questions as well.

Expand your network

Having a good network with connections in different countries is important. Mastermind gives you a unique opportunity to connect with like minded people and have in depth discussions with them about your methods and their methods. There are always things we learn from such discussions.

Journal club

One a week we have a journal club where we discuss one or more papers in more detail. These sessions are about critical reading and critical thinking. How can you make reading scientific papers easy? and how do you keep track of all the emerging literature,

These and many other topics will be covered in the next Masterclass starting in September. Please register your interest here:

Here are a few testimonials from the last Mastermind program:

As an inaugural mentee of Asker's Mastermind Sport Nutrition program, I can't say enough positives of the 7-week program. It was a deep immersion in sport nutrition. Asker's knowledge and background in research, as well as his work directly with athletes was incalculable. His ability to translate science into clear practice is unique. All evidence based material was delivered via a variety of means – lectures, discussions and even a journal club. Such fantastic learnings that I simply did not want it to end! Caroline Kavanagh, InsideOut - Human Performance,

Take what you can get when you get the chance. A great opportunity to deepen my understanding in the exciting world of sports nutrition with this Mastermind course given by one of the leaders in the field AskerJeukendrup#nutritioncoach#sportsnutritionist#sportsperformance#wishitdreamitdoit#opportunity - David Cummins

I've attended all the WE conferences as well as the Mastermind and have loved all the content so being able to go back and review certain topics is fantastic to help my growing knowledge and I look forward to new content and topics coming in each month as well to continue my education. Well done! - Kyla Channell

This is unique. Getting to spend so much time with one of the greatest minds and experienced people in sports nutrition. This truly connected me to a world of positive, motivated, kind people probably at a time in my life when I needed it most. - Gretsky Compton

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