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Leaders in Performance Conference XL

5 years ago we started to organise a Leaders in Performance Conference (LPC) at the National Training Center in Papendal. It was a meeting with the goal to bring people to together to talk about the latest in Sports Nutrition and to translate science to practice, to provide a networking opportunity and an overall great opportunity to learn! The title of the conference did not contain the word nutrition, even though the event itself had a strong nutrition focus. The reason was that the idea behind it was that we could expand this conference into other disciplines like physiology, strength and conditioning, psychology, medicine, technology and so on. Now, in 2023 the LPC has grown to a 3 days event with all these disciplines, and it is coming up soon!!

A selection of speakers at the LPC XL 2023

A selection of speakers at the LPC XL 2023

Day 1

The first day of the LPC-XL starts with a bang! Colin D Ellis will kick off the event with a session about Culture in sport. The culture of a sports team determines in large part what is and isn't possible, and it is sometimes an obstacle. But changing culture is not easy... This is what this first part will about: how can you create a stimulating and positive culture that embraces change and innovation?

The day will then combine medical and strength and conditioning topics:

The day will be concluded by Merijn Zeeman, sportive director of Team jumbo Visma. In 2016, Team LottoNL-Jumbo was at the bottom of the ranking. The budget was cut in half, a vision was absent and there was a lot of negativity. People didn't feel involved and didn't work together to give the team a future again. Now what? Where to start? Merijn Zeeman's presentation will reveal the journey and growth of the current Team Jumbo-Visma team, now the best cycling team in the world. How did they manage to reach the top starting from the bottom? What was the underlying plan and what role did the culture change play?

The LPC in 2022

Day 2

Day 2 will kick off with Jeroen Otter, the incredibly successful short track speed skating coach who will discuss Leadership in elite sport.

We will then move into a day that is mostly nutrition oriented:

The second day of the LPC-XL will conclude with the extremely experienced sports scientist David Martin who will discuss Belief effects in olympic and professional sport: past, present and future This will be an entertaining as well as fascinating talk because what we believe influences performance, but what does this mean for sports practice? What does this mean for the sports practitioner? And what are some of the potential ethical issues?

Asker Jeukendrup presents at LPC 2022

Day 3

Day 3 will start with a keynote by Dr Alan Curry on Taking care of mental health is everyone's business

The day will then involve talks on key psychological aspects required to perform at the highest level:

Join the LPC XL 2023 and be part of this amazing event!

Shona Halson presents at LPC 2022


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