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WE Nutrition Conference will return!

WE will return on 5 and 6 December 2020. Earlier in the year we organised the first WorldwidE (WE) Nutrition Conference. The conference was aimed at practitioners, students, athletes and coaches from all over the world. The goal was to bring everyone together in a virtual room with the top researchers and practitioners in the world to talk about the most exciting current topics in sports nutrition. The event turned out to be a great success. Not only did we reach over 1000 people from 67 countries, we also showed that webinars can be highly interactive.

How it started

I started this venture with Brunno Falcao who is an event organiser based in Sao Paulo Brazil. I had met Brunno at one of the meetings he organised: the ARNOLD conference (which gets its. name from Arnold Schwarzenegger). A highly impressive event with a huge audience. We started talking and slowly the idea for the first WE conference developed.

Then in June 2020 we were ready for the first WE conference. The speakers in the first WE conference included big hitters like Louise Burke, Keith Baar, Trent Stellingwerff, Brad Schoenfeld, Olly Witard, Ina Garthe, Andrew Bosch, Shona Halson, Inigo Mujika, Anni Vanhatalo and Francis Holway! Talks were a great mix of science and practice! You can still get access to these lectures on

Developing WE2

Registration for WE2 has opened and many have already registered for the second edition. In developing the program for the second WE2 conference we had meet a number of criteria:

  1. Speakers had to be the same calibre as in the first conference

  2. Make it even more international

  3. The topics were informed by suggestions from participants

  4. We tried to get as much balance as possible (gender, continents, ethnicity etc)

  5. We are looking for ways to have even more interaction

What can you expect in WE2?

We are now pleased to announce the program of WE2! It can be found here. It has been a huge puzzle to meet all criteria but the end result is spectacular:

Speakers include:

  • Louise Burke - Caffeine

  • Stuart Phillips - The virtues of resistance training

  • John Hawley - Intermittent fasting

  • Asker Jeukendrup - Training the gut

  • Bryan Saunders and Eimear Dolan - Beta alanine: the latest

  • Graeme Close - CBD oil

  • Dave Martin - How can a practitioner contribute to an athletes performance?

  • Bareket Falk - Sports nutrition for young athletes

  • Fiona Pelly - Food provision for athletes at Olympic Games

  • Michael Joyner - The role of genetics

We will also have two roundtables:

Sports Nutrition around the world

Moderator: Asker Jeukendrup

  • Vincent Onywera - Kenya

  • Terefa Tadesse - Ethiopia

  • Geetha Ghaliyavar- India

  • Pedro Garcia - Venezuela

Nutrition in soccer around the globe

Moderator David Martin

  • Mireia Porta – FC Barcelona, Spain

  • Lourdes Mayol - GSSI Mexico

  • Graeme Close - Liverpool JM, UK (England Rugby, Aston Villa FC).

  • Orlando Laitano – FSU, USA (worked on project with Brazil National Team in 2014)

Don't forget to check the free webinars and the program for WE2!

FREE webinars

In the lead up to this conference we are also organising a number of free webinars. The first none took place on October 15:

  • Asker Jeukendrup -The history and future of sports nutrition

  • Luc van Loon - Plant based proteins as the basis of an athlete’s diet

  • Kevin Tipton - Omega 3 fatty acids and protein synthesis

You can find the following lectures on (access is FREE)

There are a number of other FREE webinars that will follow in the next few weeks. make sure you stay in touch with us. Check the website:

Follow us on social media: @wenutritionconference @ajeukendrup (Instagram) @jeukendrup (twitter or Facebook).

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