Nutrition for Jumbo Visma in the Tour

Jumbo Visma pays a lot of attention to nutrition, has a very measured approach and has invested enormously in the topic of nutrition and it is one of the best, if not THE best example of performance nutrition I have seen.

The last few days I have been asked many questions about the nutrition approach of Jumbo Visma in the Tour. The team was dominant in the 2020 Tour de France and only lost the yellow jersey to Tadej Pogacar on the penultimate day. Primoz Roglic finished second in Paris, the team won 3 stages and Jumbo Visma was controlling the face most of the time. Primoz hailed the team effort and the countless hours of his team mates riding in the wind, dragging the peloton through France but also the efforts behind the scenes. Jumbo Visma made huge investments in nutrition. The nutrition staff at Jumbo Visma is substantial. In two interviews with a Dutch and a Belgium newspaper I discuss why nutrition is so important and how Jumbo Visma has tackled it so successfully. Not everyone will be able to read Dutch, so below I will describe in 10 points why I think the nutrition strategy at Jumbo Visma is unique and successful.

NRC Handelsblad "Why is JumboVisma so dominant in this Tour?"

Het Laatste Nieuws "This professor determines what Wout van Aert eats: Nutrition hypes are a real problem"

Being ahead of the game

I have worked with the team for about 3 years now. Like every other team we wanted to be ahead of the game with nutrition, making sure that riders eat as well as they can every day. Every days goals are different, and every day the nutrition needs are different and whatever goes on a plate of a rider needs to be adjusted to that. Riders generally do this by feeling and this works most of the time. After a long ride, you eat more and hopefully you eat enough and not too much. Carbohydrate needs depend on intensity as well, and more intense rides require more carbohydrate. Fortunately with the use of power meters we have been able to quantify for many years the exact workload and intensities of every ride for each rider. This helps a lot in determining the needs of every rider, every day.

We have been able to quantify for many years the exact workload and intensities of every ride for each rider

Why is it different at Jumbo Visma?

We can give advice on an individual basis and many teams are doing this or at least trying to do this. So why is it different at Jumbo Visma? In my opinion it is because you need a few things to be in place for this whole idea to work successfully: