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What have clients said?



"My connection is with Professor Asker after I ran the London Marathon a few years back. Prof Asker helped me to try to get the best out of my abilities. He tested me in Ethiopia during training and after training, everything; and worked out my fueling plan. I am very grateful for his help."

Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia) -  One of the greatest runner of all times, 27 World Records 

"Asker my friend from Birmingham University, has written two of the best (books on sports nutrition) and has played a key role in shaping my diet into what it is today."

Chrissie Wellington (UK) - Triathlete, 4 time Ironman World Champion and world record holder in her book "A Life Without Limits"



"I know Asker as a person who aims to make the difficult translation between complicated science into a practical message; and in a language that athletes can understand. He brings his own experience as an athlete into this as much as the experience as one of the world leading sport scientists."

Jos Hermens - Sports Manager Global Sports Communications, Netherlands - One of the leading track and field managers 



"We tapped into Asker’s knowledge and experience and deep understanding of the sport and made several adjustments in our preparation. Being at the top requires working with the best. It was a pleasure working with Asker who made me rethink everything I am doing."

Andreas Raelert (Germany) - Triathlete, World record holder for Ironman distance /Challenge Roth 


Jeukendrup sports nutrition sport science

With Chrissie Wellington 4 days before her second win at the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii.

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