Samples of TV programs and articles were Asker featured.

Tour de Celeb: 8 celebrities had 8 weeks to prepare for L'Etape du Tour. Asker was one of the coaches in the 4 series TV program on Channel 5. 

Here a brief discussion with cricket star Darren Gough about nutrition. 

Pre-match port, three Red Bulls and a double espresso... The experts have their say on Jamie Vardy's bizarre rituals at Leicester  Daily Mail (29 September 2016)

Can You Trick Your Body into Burning More Fat? Life Science (11 August 2016)

Extreme Workouts: The Nutritional Needs of Elite Athletes Life Science (29 July 2016)

Jeukendrup sports nutrition sport science
Jeukendrup sports nutrition sport science
Jeukendrup sports nutrition sport science
Jeukendrup sports nutrition sport science
Jeukendrup sports nutrition sport science
Jeukendrup sports nutrition sport science

Lucy Mecklenburgh, Hugo Taylor among cast for gruelling new cycling TV show Tour De Celeb. Reveal (26 May 2016)

What is the fastest way to fuel your ride? - Cyclist (February 2016) 


What is the best balance of carbohydrate, fat and protein? Triathlete (May 2015)

Eating disorders: the silent enemy - 220Triathlon (Feb 2014)

Science of racing Hawaii - 220Triathlon (2012)

Interview about the confusing landscape of sports nutrition information with The42    (May 10, 2015)

Runners Relief: How to fix mid-run problems - Runnersworld

The Latest on Hydration, Fueling, Fat-Burning, Beet Juice, and Endurance Nutrition- Runnersworld (Amby Burfoot)


The next big sports food is.... algae? Outside Magazine  (Oct 2015)

Should We Throw Our Protein Guidelines Out the Window? Is it true that your body can only digest a set amount of protein at a time? Two recent studies offer conflicting findings.- Outside Magazine


The Truth Behind the High-Fat-Low-Carb Cult. Outside Magazine


Drink responsibly Outside Magazine

Beat the Bonk - Bike Radar 


Science of Ultra podcast - Shawn Bearden


Guru Performance Podcast Episode 70 – Nutrition and Metabolism for Endurance Sports’ with Professor Asker Jeukendrup


The latest in Sports Nutrition #21 Be better podcast - Greg Wells 



Presentations featuring Asker

Jeukendrup sports nutrition sport science

The Competitors Radio Show - Bob Babbitt and Paul Huddle 

Asker Jeukendrup (pronounced You-Can-Drop) is a 17 time Ironman finisher who works with two of the world’s greatest endurance athletes, Chrissie Wellington and Haile Gebrselassie. What is the best fuel on race day? How does someone going as fast as Haile actually get any type of nutrition into his body while running a sub 2:04 marathon? What makes the Ethiopians so amazing? Asker was a wealth of information and a great interview.


Interviews featuring Asker

Interview with FOX Sports  (Jul 15, 2012)


Jeukendrup sports nutrition sport science