Kevin Tipton will never be forgotten

On the 9th of January 2022 Kevin Tipton, a respected and much loved colleague and friend passed away. He was 59. Below is the story of Kevin Tipton as I knew him. It focusses on the period 2005-2011 when I persuaded him to come to Birmingham and we had offices next to each other.

Kevin Tipton in front of the clock tower of the University of Birmingham

Kevin Tipton in front of the old building of the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Birmingham

I can’t recall exactly where I met Kevin the first time but it was at one of many conferences we attended together. It might have been in the US, in South America, in Australia or anywhere in Europe. Kevin loved these meetings. He loved the scientific debates, but he also loved being with friends, colleagues and students.

In 2004, I visited Kev at UTMB in Galveston Texas together with Gareth Wallis who had just started his PhD with me. At that time I considered Kevin a friend already: a conference friend. He had done some pretty significant work in protein metabolism and was a lunch time running buddy of Bob Wolfe. Kevin had been learning how to use stable isotope tracers to measure protein metabolism from the best. Stu Phillips was in Galveston around the same time as well. During the visit, Kevin proudly showed us around Galveston: the department, his favourite restaurant and bar. We met Kevin’s parents Judy and Leonard as well of whom Kevin always spoke extremely highly and fondly.

UTMB where Kevin worked with Bob Wolfe and others

In front of UTMB in Galveston Texas: Asker Jeukendrup, Gareth Wallis and Kevin Tipton 2004

Kevin at a conference in Austin Texas… TexMex was one of the things he missed when he moved to the UK. He never found a decent burrito….